2019 Conferences

2A 6-aside SHSAA Conference 1 (Tier 1)
Pinehouse- Lakers
Cumberland House- Islanders
Creighton- Kodiaks
Sandy Bay- T-Wolves

2A 6-aside SHSAA (Tier 2)
Atahkakoop- Titans
Beauval- Voyageurs
La Loche- Lakers
Lac La Ronge Indian Band- SMVS Huskies

Ranking of teams after the regular season will be based on:

1) Points- 2 for a win, 1 for a tie,

2) Head to head- 1st tie breaker of any 2 teams tied.

3) Point differential (40 pts max will be used for any score exceeding a difference of 40 in any one game- tiebreaker for 3 or more teams tied.

4) Points allowed.

Overtime during regular season, maxium two possessions each from 35 yard line. If there is still a tie, one point each for the tie. See pg 108 of the SHSAA handbook for further clarification.

Forfeiture – in the event a team cannot field a team, the opponent will earn a win with the score of 20-0.

9-aside SHSAA Conference 1
Tisdale Tigers
Nipawin Bears
La Ronge Churchill Chargers
Melfort Comets