2014 Playoffs

Playoffs 5

Ralph Pilz Trophy

Game 1-Western Division 5th versus 4th-October 10, 2014
La Loche at Buffalo Narrows- Game unable to be played. Both teams eliminated.

Game 2-Eastern Division Semi Final-October 20, 2014
Senator Myles Venne 18 at Creighton 55

Game 3-Western Division Semi Final-October 20, 2014
Winner of Game 1 at Pinehouse- Pinehouse wins by default.

Game 4-Eastern Division Semi Final-October 21, 2014
Sandy Bay 23 at Cumberland House 34

Game 5-Western Division Semi-Final-October 21, 2014
Beauval 12 at Green Lake 46

Game 6-Eastern Division Final-October 27, 2014
Cumberland House 24 at Creighton 59

Game 7-Western Division Final-October 27, 2014
Green Lake 13 at Pinehouse 65

Game 8-Championship Game
Pinehouse 41  vs. Creighton 67 at Max Clunie Field, Prince Albert- November 1, 2014


Evan Linnick, Creighton-109
Johnny Tinker, Pinehouse-58
Chris Reynolds, Creighton-30
Braedy Sinclair, Green Lake-26
Denzel Cook, Cumberland-24
Tanner Tinker, Pinehouse-24
Colton Morin, Senator Myles Venne-18
Josh Nowlin, Creighton-18
Nathan Daigneault, Green Lake-13
Ivan McCallum, Sandy Bay-12
Dray Tinker, Pinehouse-12
Brennan Van Meer, Creighton-12
Preston Crane, Cumberland -10
Jayde Spenser, Sandy Bay-9
Chris Bottrell, Green Lake-7
Keegan Bouvier, Green Lake-7
Rayden Buck, Cumberland-6
Kody Couilloneer, Beauval-6
Anthony Maurice, Green Lake-6
Aiden McCallum, Beauval-6
Easton McKenzie, Cumberland-6
Randy Nowlin, Creighton-6
Dean Rainville, Creighton-6
Glenn Thomas, Cumberland-6
Harris Tinker, Pinehouse-6
Leo Charlette, Sandy Bay-2

#14 TBA , Pinehouse-6
Unrecorded, Cumberland -6

Evan Linnick, Creighton-11
Johnny Tinker, Pinehouse-8
Anthony Maurice, Green Lake-6
Chris Reynolds, Creighton-5
Denzel Cook, Cumberland-4
Braedy Sinclair, Green Lake-4
Tanner Tinker, Pinehouse-4
Colton Morin, Senator Myles Venne-3
Josh Nowlin, Creighton -3
Nathan Daigneault, Green Lake-2
Ivan McCallum, Sandy Bay-2
Brennan Van Meer, Creighton-2
Chris Bottrell, Green Lake-1
Keegan Bouvier, Green Lake-1
Rayden Buck, Cumberland-1
Kody Couilloneer, Beauval-1
Aiden McCallum, Beauval-1
Easton McKenzie, Cumberland-1
Randy Nowlin, Creighton-1
Glenn Thomas, Cumberland-1
Dray Tinker, Pinehouse-2
Harris Tinker, Pinehouse-1
Jayde Spenser, Sandy Bay-1

#14 TBA , Pinehouse-1
Unrecorded, Cumberland -1

Field Goals
Evan Linnick, Creighton-1
Dean Rainville, Creighton-1


One Point TD (Passing/Rushing) Converts
Johnny Tinker, Pinehouse-4
Braedy Sinclair, Green Lake-2
Chris Bottrell, Green Lake-1
Keegan Bouvier, Green Lake-1
Nathan Daigneault, Green Lake-1
Jayde Spenser, Sandy Bay-1

Two Point TD (Kicking) Converts
Evan Linnick, Creighton-20
Preston Crane, Cumberland -5
Johnny Tinker, Pinehouse-3
Dean Rainville, Creighton-1
Jayde Spenser, Sandy Bay-1

One Point Kicking Singles (Rouge)
Dean Rainville, Creighton-1*

*From a kickoff.

Safety Touches
Leo Charlette, Sandy Bay-1

Hayden Alcrow, Beauval-1
Kody Couilloneer, Beauval-1
Nathan Daigneault, Green Lake-1
Georgie Moosetail, Cumberland-1
Chris Reynolds, Creighton-1
Jayde Spenser, Sandy Bay-1
Harris Tinker, Pinehouse -1

Quarterback Sacks
Chris Bottrell, Green Lake-2
Jared Arnault, Green Lake-1
Peter Bear, Cumberland-1
Georgie Moosetail, Cumberland-1
Colin Sinclair, Green Lake-1

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