In the 2012-2013 school year a number of volunteers took an orientation to football officiating with Randy Warwick. This was followed by on the field tutelage at exhibition games by head referee, Bob Coffin.

In June 2013, May 2014 and August 2014 officials obtained level one and two certification from Bob Coffin and Barry Mihiliwicz and have become members of the Prince Albert Football Officials Association. A level 3 workshop was held in September 2013.

In May 2014, a level 3 workshop was held in Prince Albert.

In May 2015, April 2016, April 2017 and August 2018 level 1-2 workshops were held in Prince Albert.

Northern Officials for 2019

Gene Isbister, Ahtahkakoop- Level 2
Shaun Sasakamoose, Ahtahkakoop- Level 2

Ted Hood, Beauval- Level 2 #51
Barry Kimbley- Level 2 #66
Jed Prest, Beauval- Level 2 (retired)

Curtis Rudnicki, Buffalo Narrows- Level 2 #10 (retired)

Jason Straile, Creighton-Level 2#22
Ryan Gray, Creighton- Level 2 #13
Ian Clark, Creighton- Level 2#19
John Clarke, Creighton, Level 3
Pat McKenzie,Creighton- Level 2#23
Kody Turner, Creighton- Level 2#34

Renee Carriere, Cumberland House- Level 1 #2
Aaron Fosseneuve, Cumberland House- Level 1 #1
Clifford (Bill) Thomas, Cumberland House / Prince Albert- Level 2

Sherry Aubichon, Green Lake- Level 2#36 (retired)
Tricia Bouvier, Green Lake- Level 2 #29 (retired)
Angel Laliberte, Green Lake- Level 2#17 (retired)
Aron Staddon , Green Lake- Level 2 #15 (moved)

Paul Green, La Loche- Level 3 (retired)
Greg Hatch, La Loche-Level 3 #16 (coaching)
Stacy Lemaigre- La Loche- Level 2 #69
Ranelle Sylvestre, La Loche- Level 2

Steve Aldridge, La Ronge- Level 2 #79
Martina Cain, La Ronge- Level 2 (retired)
Rebecca Charles, La Ronge- Level 2 11
Riley Fiske, La Ronge- Level 2 #4
Eric Gardner, La Ronge- Level 2 #27
Chandler Grant, La Ronge-Level 2 (moved to Saskatoon)
Scott Haggarty, La Ronge- Level 2 (moved to Spiritwood)
Warren Koch, La Ronge- Level 4
Craig Scott, La Ronge- Level 3 #32 (moved to British Columbia)
Jason Smith, La Ronge- Level 2 #9 (moved)
Scott Tomporowski, LaRonge- Level 2 #97
Glenn Trites, La Ronge- Level 2 #14 (moved)
Mark Williment, LaRonge- Level 3 #33

Ethan Durocher, Pinehouse, Level 1
Tayven Hansen, Pinehouse-Level 2 Level 2#30
Andrew Laprairie, Level 2
Christian Lariviere, Level 1
Jordan McCallum, Pinehouse- Level 2
Jaydon Natomagan, Pinehouse- Level 2 #20
Shane Natomagan, Pinehouse- Level 2
Evan Sanderson, Pinehouse- Level 2
Shane Smith, Pinehouse- Level 2
Johnny Tinker, Pinehouse- Level 2 #46
Markal Tinker, Pinehouse- Level 2 #24

Donald Bear, Sandy Bay- Level 2 #12
Daniel Carriere, Sandy Bay- Level 3 #26 (moved to Quebec)
Kim Mccallum, Sandy bay (Level 2)
Luke McCallum, Sandy Bay (Level 2)
Lonnie McDonald, Sandy Bay (Level 2)
Desmond Merasty, Sandy Bay- Level 2
Frank Morin, Sandy Bay- Level 2 #21
Robert Ray, Sandy Bay-Level 2 #7
Robin Stewart, Sandy Bay- Level 2 #28

Officials Clothing – a complete line of official clothing and equipment was purchased for each certified official from the above list from Honig’s

We are always looking for officials to work games or to become certified.

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