2013 Championship Game Videos

Saturday, November 16, 2013 in Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan

Pinehouse Lakers at Buffalo Eagles

(For the first four parts, the video camera people / commentators were trying to establish a live feed and were not always on top of recording or commenting on the game.)

Part 1) Pre Game

Part 2) O Canada to Start of Game

Part 3) Early 1st Q to 2min left in 1st Q

Part 4) 2 min left in 1st Q to mid 2nd Q

Part 5) Mid 2nd Q to near end of 2nd Q

Part 6) near end of 2Q to early 3rd Q

Part 7) Early 3rd Q to start of 4rth Q

Part 8) Early 4rth Q to near end of 4rth Q

Part 9) Near end of 4rth Q to post game

Part 10) Post game (33) Ralph Pilz video pending

Part 11) Post game (34) Award Presentation video pending

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