2013 Players Stats

Player Stats as of October 25, 2013

133-Brandon Fiddler, Cumberland
87-Parker McKay, Buffalo Narrows
82-Johnny Tinker, Pinehouse
74-Kody Couillonear, Beauval
50-Dakota Couillonear, Beauval
50-Aaron Thompson, Buffalo Narrows
43-Ryley Bedard, Sandy Bay
41-Wally Janvier, La Loche
37-Dustin Montgrand, La Loche
36-Connor Boyes, La Ronge
30-Zach Thompson, Buffalo Narrows
21-Tanner Tinker, Pinehouse
20-Ivan McCallum, Sandy Bay
16-Michael Bear-Custer, Sandy Bay
14-Hayden Alcrow, Beauval
13-Nigel Lemaigre, La Loche
13-Kevyn Thomas, Cumberland
13-Deon Smith, Pinehouse
12-Jerald Dussion, Cumberland
12-Mervin Petite, Buffalo Narrows
12-Jayde Spencer, Sandy Bay
8-George Natomagan, Pinehouse
7-Chris McCallum, Pinehouse
6-Andrew Aubichon, Beauval
6-Sheldon Bird, Beauval
6-Joseph Daley, Buffalo Narrows
6-Keegan Hansen, Beauval
6-Todd Herman, Buffalo Narrows
6-Tyrone Laliberte, Beauval
6-Jason Morin, Cumberland
6-Blake Tiedeman, La Ronge
6-Troy Toulejour, La Loche
3-Robin Louis, La Ronge
2-Nolan Bear, Sandy Bay
2-Josh Beckman, La Ronge
1-Tyrell Allard, Cumberland
1-Glenn Thomas, Cumberland

19-Brandon Fiddler, Cumberland
14-Parker McKay, Buffalo Narrows
13-Johnny Tinker, Pinehouse
12-Kody Couillonear, Beauval
7-Dakota Couillonear, Beauval
7-Aaron Thompson, Buffalo Narrows
6-Wally Janvier, La Loche
6-Connor Boyes, La Ronge
6-Dustin Montgrand, La Loche
4-Ryley Bedard, Sandy Bay
4-Zach Thompson, Buffalo Narrows
3-Ivan McCallum, Sandy Bay
3-Tanner Tinker, Pinehouse
2-Hayden Alcrow, Beauval
2-Michael Bear-Custer, Sandy Bay
2-Jerald Dussion, Cumberland
2-Nigel Lemaigre, La Loche
2-Mervin Petite, Buffalo Narrows
2-Deon Smith, Pinehouse
2-Jadye Spencer, Sandy Bay
2-Kevyn Thomas, Cumberland
1-Andrew Aubichon, Beauval
1-Sheldon Bird, Beauval
1-Joseph Daley, Buffalo Narrows
1-Keegan Hansen, Beauval
1-Todd Herman, Buffalo Narrows
1-Tyrone Laliberte, Beauval
1-Chris McCallum, Pinehouse
1-Jason Morin, Cumberland
1-George Natomagan, Pinehouse
1-Blake Tiedeman, La Ronge
1-Troy Toulejour, La Loche

Field Goals

Safety Touches
1-Nolan Bear, Sandy Bay
1-Josh Beckman, La Ronge

Two Point TD (Kicking) Converts
7-Brandon Fiddler, Cumberland
2-Dakota Couillonear, Beauval
1-Michael Bear-Custer, Sandy Bay
1-Robin Louis, La Ronge
1-Ivan McCallum, Sandy Bay

One Point TD (Passing/Rushing) Converts
8-Aaron Thompson, Buffalo Narrows
6-Zach Thompson, Buffalo Narrows
4-Brandon Fiddler, Cumberland
4-Wally Janvier, La Loche
4-Johnny Tinker, Pinehouse
3-Dakota Couillonear, Beauval
3-Parker McKay, Buffalo Narrows
2-Hayden Alcrow, Beauval
2-Michael Bear-Custer, Sandy Bay
2-Ryley Bedard, Sandy Bay
2-Kody Couillonear, Beauval
2-George Natomagan, Pinehouse
2-Tanner Tinker, Pinehouse
1-Nigel Lemaigre, La Loche
1-Dustin Montgrand, La Loche
1-Glenn Thomas, Cumberland
1-Kevin Thomas, Cumberland
1-Troy Toulejour, La Loche

One Point Kicking Singles (Rouge)
1-Tyrell Allard, Cumberland
1-Brandon Fiddler, Cumberland
1-Robin Louis, La Ronge
1-Deon Smith, Pinehouse

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