2013 Playoffs

2013 Playoffs Final

Game 1-Western Division Semi Final-October 30, 2013
La Loche 37 at Beauval 43 Box Score

Game 2-Eastern Division Semi Final-November 1, 2013
Sandy Bay 15  at Pinehouse 64 Box Score

Game 3-Western Division Final-November 6, 2013
Beauval 28 at Buffalo Narrows 53 Box Score

Game 4-Eastern Division Final-November 8, 2013
Pinehouse 38 at Cumberland House 16 Box Score

Game 5- Northern Saskatchewan League Final- November 16, 2013
Ralph Pilz Trophy
Pinehouse 50 at Buffalo Narrows 32 Box Score


95-Johnny Tinker, Pinehouse
35-Aaron Thompson, Buffalo
31-George Natomagan, Pinehouse
26-Dakota Couillonneur, Beauval
24-Kody Couillonneur, Beauval
24-Zack Thompson, Buffalo
18-Nigel Lemaigre, La Loche
13-Parker McKay, Buffalo
12-Tyrone Laliberte, Beauval
12-Dustin Montgrand, La Loche
12-Deon Smith, Pinehouse
10-Brandon Fiddler, Cumberland
7-Joseph Daley, Buffalo
7-Tanner Tinker, Pinehouse
6-Denzel Cook, Cumberland
6-Todd Herman, Buffalo
6-Wally Janvier, La Loche
6-Ivan McCallum, Sandy Bay
6-Jayden McCallum, Pinehouse
6-Storm Whitebear, Sandy Bay
3-Jayden Spencer, Sandy Bay
2-Sheldon Bird, Beauval
1-Hayden Alcrow, Beauval
1-Anthony Misponsas, Pinehouse
1-Gena Smith, Pinehouse
1-Troy Toulejour, La Loche

15-Johnny Tinker, Pinehouse
5-George Natomagan, Pinehouse
5-Aaron Thompson, Buffalo
4-Dakota Couillonneur, Beauval
4-Kody Couillonneur, Beauval
3-Nigel Lemaigre, La Loche
3-Zach Thompson, Buffalo
2-Tyrone Laliberte, Beauval
2-Parker McKay, Buffalo
2-Dustin Montgrand, La Loche
2-Deon Smith, Pinehouse
1-Denzel Cook, Cumberland
1-Joseph Daley, Buffalo
1-Brandon Fiddler, Cumberland
1-Todd Herman, Buffalo
1-Wally Janvier, La Loche
1-Ivan McCallum, Sandy Bay
1-Jayden McCallum, Pinehouse
1-Tanner Tinker, Pinehouse
1-Storm Whitebear, Sandy Bay

One Point TD (Passing/Rushing) Converts
5-Aaron Thompson, Buffalo
5-Johnny Tinker, Pinehouse
2-Dakota Couillonneur, Beauval
1-Hayden Alcrow, Beauval
1-Joseph Daley, Buffalo
1-Parker McKay, Buffalo
1-Anthony Misponsas, Pinehouse
1-George Natomagan, Pinehouse
1-Gena Smith, Pinehouse
1-Tanner Tinker, Pinehouse
1-Troy Toulejour, La Loche

Two Point TD (Kicking) Converts
2-Brandon Fiddler, Cumberland
1-Jayde Spenser, Sandy Bay

One Point Kicking Singles (Rouge)
1-Jayde Spenser, Sandy Bay

Safety Touches
1-Sheldon Bird, Beauval

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