My First Blog and Website

Alright…. so this is my first blog entry in my life and the first website I have ever created. I most certainly have to thank Stephen King, the principal at the La Loche Community School for introducing me and reducing my aversion to the possibilities of social media. This has been a rewarding, learning experience.

Why football? Well I can honestly say that being involved in starting this sport in our school division has provided a source of professional fulfillment at a time when I most certainly needed it. Gabe Andrews, a coach and teacher in La Ronge has been instrumental in getting things going at Churchill and across northern Saskatchewan. It has been a privilege to work with him and the many other people who are committed to coach and officiate.

It only makes sense to me that the focus of this website (including the Twitter, Facebook feeds and eNewsletter) and this blog be focussed on football. At a time when we are looking for strategies to keep students in school, football can be another way. Communities and adults can connect with young people though sport. There are lessons of life to be learned on the field. It’s more than a game.

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