Northern Teams at Provincials

On Saturday, October 27, 2018 the two top northern football teams participated in the 2A-  6 aside provincials. Cumberland House, having won the Ralph Pilz Trophy the previous week, were the first seed in the northern conference and had the honour of hosting the Hague Panthers. Sandy Bay- T-Wolves, being second place travelled to Wakaw to take on the Warriors.

At least two inches of snow had fallen in Cumberland House prior to the game and made for a muddy field. Hague scored on their first possession, and maintained the lead the rest of the game, although the Islanders adjusted their defence. Scoring for Cumberland House was Drake Carriere, who ran the ball the length of the field on a fake punt.  For the entire game, the officials on the field were impressed by the level of sportsmanship from the players. Not one unnecessary roughness or objectional conduct penalty was assessed to either team. Players played hard, yet helped one another get back on their feet, praising the efforts of the opponents. It was great to see and a fantastic muddy picture of both teams was taken after the final whistle. The final score in the game was Hague 32- Cumberland 8.

Hague and Cumberland

Hague Panthers and Cumberland House Islanders

Great sportsmanship on the field and after the game

Sandy Bay T-Wolves caught a 5:00 AM bus from their hometown and endured winter weather conditions for about half their trip to Wakaw. The Warriors were first place in their respective provincial conference. At quarterback for the T-Wolves, Raddick Maguire was able to throw two touchdowns during the game, one to Gaston McDonald and another to Cory Spencer. Sandy Bay coach, Robin Stewart said the game was a learning experience for his players as the fell to defeat by a final score of 50-12.

Both teams can hold their heads high in their provincial games. We believe that all northern players are winners by playing football and can take the lessons learned in the sport to have good things come their way throughout their lives. Thanks to everyone who supported us all season long.

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