Week Four Cold Weather Games and Playoffs Determined


Beauval Voyageur #81 Kolby Bouvier running the ball against the snow and Sandy Bay.

Week four was cold, but at the end of the week the results of the games determined the playoffs for the season. Congratulations to the Cumberland House Islanders (4-0) and Sandy Bay T-Wolves (3-1) for placing 1st and 2nd in 6 aside Northern Saskatchewan Football. Regardless of the outcome in week 5 games, these two teams will finish in the top two positions and play each other at the Max Clunie Field for the Ralph Pilz Trophy on October 20, 2018.

The first game of the week was on Tuesday, September 25 at the Max Clunie Field in Prince Albert. The defending champion Cumberland House Islanders defeated the La Loche Lakers by a score of 100-0.  Peter Laliberte, Percy McKay, and Jesse McKay each score their first ever touchdowns for the Islanders. A big hats off to the Lakers who have kept their heads up all season and had fun learning the game. Comprised of mostly grade nine and ten players, they will be a team to watch in the coming years.

The double header on Thursday, September 27 saw the Beauval Voyageurs travel to a snowy Sandy Bay while the Pinehouse Lakers traveled to Creighton to play the Kodiaks. Each game was a one sided affair. Raddick Maguire scored three touchdowns again for the second consecutive game to lead the T-Wolves to a 61-0 victory. Over in Creighton, the hometown Kodiaks defeated the Lakers by a score of 61-18. The results of these two games resulted in the second place seed for the T-Wolves.

In 9-aside action, the La Ronge Churchill Chargers welcomed the Humboldt Mohawks with a pregame dedication to the victims of the April, Bronco bus accident. In the fourth quarter, the Mohawks pulled away from the Chargers by a score 0f 37-19.

Looking ahead in the fifth and final week of 6 aside football, Sandy Bay will be playing La Loche in Prince Albert. Creighton will travel to Beauval while Pinehouse will be going to Cumberland House. This weak will be an opportunity for teams to focus on the future, either the championship game or for playing in the coming season. In 9 aside action, La Ronge travels to Nipawin. Have fun out there and safe travels.




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